Young Nigerian breaks borders in global forensic investigations

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Michael Oluwole

For far too long, surviving in a world full of competition has been a tough challenge for many Africans unable to afford quality education and infrastructure.

But Sierra Leone-based Nigerian IT specialist, Michael Afolabi Oluwole has proved Africans are able to break these limitations and thrive in their careers.

Oluwole, a contributor to the World Bank’s “Doing Business” project since 2015 has proved to be one of sub-Saharan Africa’s leading “anti-money laundering” and “know your customer” specialist.

He has carried out successful investigations into financial and insurance fraud claims in more than 30 African countries.

Recently, he has been involved in the tracking of former ‘corrupt’ Nigerian military officials whose ‘stolen’ funds were hidden in foreign bank accounts.

Many of them have been prosecuted and their corruption proceeds forfeited to the Nigerian government.

In the past, he has been contracted by the Criminal Investigation Department of Sierra Leone Police to help conduct a forensics investigation in an alleged fraud being committed by an employee of Road Transport Authority which is the department responsible for the issuing of vehicle licenses.

His private due diligence firm – “Robbin Michael Consulting and Risk Advisory Services” – commands one of the most experienced investigation teams in Africa with agents throughout the continent.

The term due diligence as explained in the firm’s website describes a general duty to exercise care in any transaction. As such, it spans investigation into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of the business of a target company.

The firm has conducted several due diligence and background checks of private and public entities in Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Gabon, Liberia, Congo Republic, Congo DRC, Senegal, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea and Cote D’lvoire.

The firm specializes in Reverse Directorship/ Shareholding Search, Criminal records Search, Litigation Search (Civil and Criminal), Reputational Enquiries and Bankruptcy Search among others.

Oluwole dreams to be a leading forensic expert in the entire world. He is currently working toward achieving it by expanding his networks and knowledge of the job. He is at the same time coaching young Africans dreaming to be like him.

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