Woman buys foodstuffs, wears, shares to poor traders in Jos

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For years, Mrs. Nyelong Violet Kaburuk Adama, has found fun, lifting others out of pain. She is a business woman, only supported by her husband. But every quarter, she spends thousands of dollars in aid.

Religious festivities in particular, are her favorite moments for charity. And she does so without seeking attention; sometimes pleading with Journalist friends not to report her donations.

Her usual style is to secretly identify people in distress and reach out to them in their private homes with no fanfare or public announcements.

Violet Kaburuk

Often, she has left beneficiaries of her benevolence in tears. Many of them would have lost hope before she shows up like an angel, ministering directly to their deepest needs.

This Easter, Violet’s style slightly changed. She went to the market and shopped for a cart full of foodstuffs – packaged flour, pastas, seasoning and oil, as well as wears. She then went to the commonest parts of the same market, distributing the purchased items poor petty traders, women in particular.

In her usual style, Violet passed her gifts randomly and zoomed off without looking at the faces of those taking them; not even to get their reactions. Violet vanished into crowds before recipients realized packages they were handed were free gifts.

Violet hires porters to move food aid items round market

Violet simply believes there are people, women in particular, who spend hours trading, but earn little – too little to provide a square meal to their families. This often results in depression and tendency to abuse drugs, which further cripples productivity, health and family income, Violet fears.

Violet (left) goes to private homes of poor women to give charity during covid-19 lockdown

Last year, Violet established a nongovernmental organization – Zishiya Empowerment Foundation to help families and communities overcome the burden of drug dependence. The foundation aims to fight drug abuse by solving poverty, hunger, illiteracy and related phenomena capable of depressing individuals.

Without external support, the foundation sunk millions into solving hunger and financial lack during covid-19 lockdowns. She also supported organizations involved in rehabilitating drug addicts. Clearly, such interventions are not ending any soon.

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