Without raising N300,000 for surgery, Benjamin, 32 could lose a limb

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Benjamin has been battling life-threatening leg injury for three years now

Being in an auto crash could be devastating, and even worse, when it leaves an injury that could culminate into permanent disability.

Benjamin Joshua Gwang, 32, had an accident in winter of 2017. He survived by the whiskers, but with multiple fractures in his right leg. He underwent surgery with an orthopedic metal implanted in the leg to aid recovery. Months later, the drilled points began to have persistent white discharge, developing into a deep wound that now surrounds the leg around the location of the metal implant.

Benjamin was a mason and the breadwinner of his family. His parents in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State are aged peasants who have no means of income but small-scale farming. After high school, Benjamin could not further his education due to lack of funds, but remained a huge resource in the family, through the mason job he started from apprenticeship. The accident and the resulting injury have kept the father of three inactive, not being able to provide for his drugs, family welfare or children’s education for nearly three years now.

Benjamin’s leg is feared to be increasingly rotting without help

Doctors say for the metal implants to be removed and surgical grafting done to recover tissues lost to the wounds, a bill of N300,000 (773.19588USD) is needed. Benjamin, currently in Kwaghor village near Riyom General Hospital, 30miles southwest of Jos, the capital of Plateau State cannot provide that, neither can his family. So far, his young wife of 26 has been the one paying for his drugs, usually through artisan mining and farm labour.

Given the high cost of the drugs, she does not always meet targets and sometimes has to borrow to meet up. She needs to have saved N802 (2.12USD) each day for a whole year to raise N300,000 for the surgery. She however hardly gets up to N500 (1.3USD) for a day’s labour, out of which she must buy food, clothing for herself and her kids, buy fertilizer and other inputs for her farm and meet other obligations, his weekly drugs included.

“It is a terrible life we are living, and it is eating us deeply, but we have no help,” said the young mother, Martha Benjamin.

Benjamin has reached out to friends and relations for help but it seems not forthcoming. With the wound fast growing, with constant nastily smelling discharge, Doctors say if the needed surgery is not carried out in time, amputation might soon be an only option to save his life. But even the amputation is paid for, and Benjamin cannot afford that.

Benjamin and his three kids live on his young wife’s meager income

MK Reporters has assisted communities and people in need like him through public appeal and mobilization. You might be the last hope of this poor villager, his little kids at risk of mossing school due to lack of funds given his incapacitation, and by extension, the future of humanity. A less dependent population is less threat to human safety and progress.

Kindly reach deep into your heart and lend q hand, and you will be glad you did, when we bring back reports of how the young man has been saved and is grateful.

Please call 08062923239 or use 2034760123 (MK Reporters First Bank account) if you wish to help. Please note that no amount is too small, and your support must not be in cash. If you can offer your expertise to treat him, we have mobilized few resources but are still way behind. If you can discount and/or carry out the surgery for free, humanity will eternally be grateful.

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