Without peace, communities are blacklisted from Government projects in Plateau

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Infrastructural projects in Plateau State are now sited based on peaceful disposition of communities, Officials say.

Communities known for violence are blacklisted as punishment and safety measure, Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong said, Sunday in a parley with Journalists in Jos.

“I have said that if Plateau people want me to give them projects, they should give me peace. If you are fighting and killing yourselves, the punishment is that I will not bring anything to you until you resolve your issues. So if you want me to site a project in a particular place, maintain peace. Otherwise, if we site it, you will destroy it,” said Lalong.

The Governor however “on a lighter note” said political cooperation is crucial in lobbying for projects.

In his words, “In politics, if you want to reap, you will sow. Politics is about lobbying. We go there you chase us, we go you chase us what do you expect us to do? When we go for political campaigns, if you ask, ‘what will you do for us if we vote for you?’ I will tell you this is what I will do if you vote for me…if you vote for me. But if you don’t vote for me…if you want me to do it, vote for me and see.

“But even at that, we are still doing our best. The Lalong legacy projects are scattered across the state even in Local governments that didn’t vote for me. When we come in, we put in 22 roads all over. In the past, projects were done based on votes gotten from communities but in our own case that is not the standard.”

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