What Senator Gyang said while praying for Nigeria at 2020 budget presentation

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Sen. ID Gyang prays for Nigeria

At the Joint Session of the National Assembly on Tuesday during which the 2020 fiscal Budget was presented by President Mohammadu Buhari, the Senate President, Sen. Lawal called on the Senator representing Plateau North Senatorial district, Senator Istifanus Gyang to close the session with a word of prayer.

Rising to his feet, Senator Gyang boldly prayed;

“In the name of Jesus, the name that is above every other name, we call on you today to say thank you. Thank you Lord for the gift of this nation, even though some people say it’s a historical accident but it came from you, You have kept this nation together.

“You have given us leaders over the years to the current generation.
We say thank you.
Lord, we thank you because you are the God that is ever faithful and never failing.

“We thank you Lord because you are God the law giver, all legislative power lies in you,; you are the king. all executive power lies in you: you are the judge, all judicial powers lies in you.

“We thank you Lord because seated in this hall are the leaders you have given Nigeria and Lord by this very important constitutional activity today, the presentation of Budget for the year 2020, Lord we have intentions of how to go about building this nation, and your word says unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour but in vain. We ask for your intervention to help us the leaders.

“Lord starting with our President, President Buhari to build a nation that will glorify you. We thank you Lord.

“We know the challenges of security in this nation and your word that says unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchmen watch but in vain. We ask you to help secure our nation and everyone that is capacitated and responsible for the issues of security from the President to the policemen, to the soldiers, all armed forces and to all of us the citizens, help us Lord that this nation Will not collapse in our hands.

“Father we thank you. Father we bless you. You are the God of all flesh. You are not black, you are not white; you are not red; you are light and because you are light in you there is no darkness.

“Father, we thank You because you are the God of truth, in you there is no deceit nor deception.

“Help us Lord to build a nation that everyone will have a sense of belonging, an inclusive nation.

“Lord we thank you, we bless you that by the exercise of today may we have a better Nigeria.

“By the exercise of today, arise over us as a nation and let your leadership be enthroned over this nation.

“Father we thank you.
Father we bless you.
Bless Nigeria, prosper Nigeria and help us Lord as a nation to remain one.

“Father we thank you, we give you worship, we give you praise, even as we pray in the precious name, the name that is above every other name, the name before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord; the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our saviour, for in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.”

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