The real motive behind Daciya’s execution|| By Ameer Lukman Haruna

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I watched with tears 😭 the gory video of the gruesome execution of Daciya Ropvil Dalep a 200 level Biology student of University of Maiduguri, who was abducted on the 9th of January 2020 by Boko Haram insurgents on his way to school from Jos. I don’t believe someone should be killed for the crime of people they don’t know but just because they from a particular faith place or ethnicity. Try:

1. Take a second to look at yourself in the mirror and imagine being shots or slaughtered in such way despite your dreams; despite your sacrifices for your nation; despite your status; I just did and it’s horrible! 😭😭

2. One need to be humane first and try as much as possible to drop his sentiment of shared tribe and religion or place with the boy or boko haram before he will understand the strategy of boko haram especially on this killing which they stated that the killed him because he is from plateau and as a revenge to their fathers killed by Christians in Plateau, Nigeria and all over the world.

3. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people have Fallen voluntary Or gullibly fall Victim of the Boko Haram psychological and strategic war that seek to further exploit the division and mistrust between the two leading Faiths. by killing Christians especially leaders among and people from christian dominated communities like plateau in a gory way and released the videos with provocative comments. Their plan is to create hatred, incitement and lead us to killing ourselves while they are killing both of us as well.

4. Therefore, should not choose to continue aiding Boko haram terrorist by becoming an Agent consciously or Sub consciously Spreading hate that may lead to blood sheds which is their main aim.

5. Is fact Boko haram has killed more “Muslims” than “Christians” in their 10 years insurgency, they have destroyed Thousands of Families and Muslim Communities than Christians. And if their plan is for Islamization and Muslims then why killing Muslims too, Why so?

6. We must treat Murderers as criminals and we must as a society condemn them through the judiciary and banish them. So disheartening Millions of lettered Nigerians; well exposed and well-travelled are capitalizing on this situation to gain cheap political gains by spreading hatred the categorization and stereotyping. These people are in no way different from Boko haram.

7. We are in need of a right leadership that can unite and protect us as a country. This right leadership is not just the president or Governors It’s me and you around our sphere of influence. You must hold our government responsible to protect us and stand together as people irrespective of our differences. Lets act now and drop the bulk passing! May Almighty God put all evil doers, planners and supporters to constant failure. May their dream continue to fail and May we have peace everywhere in Nigeria.

Ameer Lukman Haruna
Peace and development advocate.

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