“The Future is Female” by Palang Faith Mallo

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Humanity has not been particularly fair to the ‘She’ gender. Over the years, issues of gender based violence, gender segregation and gender inequality has popped up that it feels almost impossible for women not to feel guilty of their feminine nature as though it is a crime.

Gender segregation is somewhat inherent in our humanity that even females sometimes accuse other females of being feminist simply because they talk about gender equality.

In the past, society considered families with more females as wealthy, in counting with farms, sheep and cattle as though women were mere assets or investments for purchase by capable men. Gender based segregation developed overtime to a scenario where the boy child received training on how to express his uncontestable superiority over the female child while the “she” was taught the act of total unquestionable submission.

With the advent of western education, the male child was sent to school and the female was trained to be a “housewife”.

While the foregoing may not be the case in many societies today, gender segregation has taken roots that we hardly even notice. It surfaces in little instance like when a slow or careless driving is noticed on the high way, people are quick to say ‘I know it is a woman’ without even looking to be sure of that accusation.

The society is so conscious of gender difference and has made it almost impossible for a “She” to contribute her quota to societal development without making trivial criticisms.

Let’s take Nigeria for instance, Women in Nigeria make up forty nine percent (49%) of the total population, but only four percent (4%) of lawmakers. Over fifty (50) years of independence and twenty (20) years of democracy, Nigeria is yet to produce a single female governor in any of the thirty six (36) states of the Federation while about fifty one percent (51%) of women are involved in active voting during elections.

The problem is not that women are incompetent; they just do not fit into the “ideals” of the society and if you think these ideals are imaginary, try joining a conversation where females in leadership positions are criticized. It almost feels like competence cannot be attached to a pretty face. A case study of Natasha Akpoti the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratiic Party (SDP) in Kogi State Nigeria.

Notably, mothers play the largest role in decision-making concerning family meal planning and diet. It is quite troubling how it is okay to leave a vital role like the fate of one’s nourishment in the hands of a woman but not an official duty. Right from scriptural times, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations as recorded. A case study of Deborah and Abigail.

Across Africa for instance, eighty percent (80%) of the agricultural production comes from small farmers, most of whom are rural women. It is widely accepted that agriculture can be the engine of growth and poverty reduction in developing nations. So if you still think the future is not female, think again. The contribution of women to societal development cannot be over emphasized, their contribution to society’s transition from preliterate to literate is undeniable. Basic education is key and the bedrock to a nation’s ability to develop and achieve sustainability targets and who offers basic education better than the woman? Empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Being Female is not a flaw but a strength, a belt of honor, an advantage to pride in and an opportunity to explore. Research has shown that the best task ever carried out were the ones that everyone thought of as impossible. So, while the world still thinks it is impossible for women to make positive contribution that will shake the world, and hence think that women should be passive in participation, it is time for women to vantage on these opportunities, to rise up to their unexplored potentials and incorporate their feminine nature in their work in order to add value and to show the world how much they can do for societal development along side economic growth because the future is female and she is most certainly pregnant with untapped potentials.

– say no to mediocrity, say no to mental limitations and Open a chapter in your life for self-actualization.

Palang Faith Mallo writes from

She is a Social Rights Activist/ Economist/ and Child Crusader.

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