Supporters demand arrest of group for alleging planned election violence by Plateau Rep

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A Nigerian group — Plateau Patriots for Peace and Good Governance has demanded a prove of allegations linking Rep Beni Lar to planned violence during County elections in Plateau State next month.

A news release by an unregistered group — Plateau Youths Stakeholders for Peace last week accused Ms. Lar of mass producing military uniforms for use by hired thugs during the polls — to forcefully seal victory for her preferred candidate says the release by the group leader, Mr. Nanzing Ndam.

In its counter release, the pro-Beni group dismissed the allegations and asked securities to track down her accusers, “especially that they concluded by promising violence and mayhem in the forth coming Local Government Elections in Langtang North, Plateau State,’ said the release issued by its leader, Mr. Timothy Dangle.

“For the records, Hon.Beni Lar being a former Adviser to President Olusegun Obasenjo and currently a fourth termer in the National Assembly representing the good people of Langtang North / Langtang South Constituency is a peacemaker and bridgebuilder who has touched many lives and an advocate for women. This has earned her accolades within and outside the shores of this country. 

“We are amazed and perplexed by the dumb founded allegations levelled against her person by a faceless group led by one so called BARR. NANZING NDAM to the effect that the Hon. Member orchestrated plans to cause violence on the plateau.

“The group claimed they have uncovered plans by the Hon. Member to truncate the forth coming Local Government Elections.

“The group through their coordinator also alleged mass production of army, police and NSCDC uniforms by the Hon. Member for the purpose of causing mayhem. This to us is a joke taken too far.

“Security issues are serious business that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We hereby challenge the group to come forward with their hard evidence as they claimed to have and report to the appropriate quarters and stop being cowards,” says the release.

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