Sen. ID Gyang: “Quashed UPP petition was needless distraction”

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The verdict of the Election Tribunal that dismissed the petition of Sanusi Mohamned Inuwa of the UPP against Senator Iatifanus Gyang has been described as a victory for the people’s mandate.

The petition according to Gyang was a needless distraction and an attempt to “gain by fraud what can only be gotten through the free exercise of the peoples franchise.

“No wonder, it was struck out for being incompetent and dismissed on its merit,” Gyang said in a statement through his spokesman, Musa Ashoms.

“Our confidence in God and our people has been reinforced and strengthened.

“We therefore remain ever committed to the pursuit and attainment of our set goal in deploying the mandate to Secure the people through peace, Reconcile the people and empower the people,” the statement says.

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