Safety tips for Plateau citizens in Northeast

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Anonymous: We have had incidences where Plateau youths have been singled out by evil men in the Northeast and murdered in cold blood on the basis of their place of origin.

Kindly help inform as much Plateau people in or traveling through the region to:

1. Never identify themselves by their State of origin or give names that will give out their identities easily.

2. Keep their ID cards in a place where they can easily hide or throw them away especially at checkpoints or unusual stops.

3. Never be coerced to reveal their ID cards even if It’s by uniformed personnel as some of the evil doers mount road blocks like military checkpoints.

4. Insist they are petty traders or something that doesn’t require an ID.

We need to be more mindful of our personal security and safety. May God continue to protect us and heal the country.

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