Ruga Settlements: A Fulani Government of Nigeria Policy ||By Bitrus Kaze

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From funding the Nigeria Army Grazing Reserves to mooting the Cattle Colonies initiative, to establishing the herdsmen Radio Station, to a N100b largesse for the herdsmen and now the Next Level for herdsmen – the Ruga Settlements policy. Little wonder the call by critical national stakeholders for self-defense given worries about the “Fulanization and Islamization” drive of the President Buhari administration.

Repeatedly, the FGN pretentiously fronts the halting of herdsmen attacks as basis to pursue Buhari’s favourite policies notwithstanding government’s failure to end perpetual killings by same herdsmen even after injecting a whooping USD1b Security fund.

The point has been adumbrated that the conflict between Nigerian farmers and herders is a conflict of equal Nigerian stakeholders. However, only the APC-led administration can explain its nagging intransigence to deploy the federal might in furthering the cause of the herdsmen over and above other Nigerians.

The Ruga Settlement adds to President Buhari’s pro-herdsmen policy credentials for the umpteenth time (and still counting of course). Who will spare a thought for the Nigerian farmer?

Bitrus Kaze

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