RevolutionNow: Between Pain and silence ||by Eunice Danja Nyam

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I weep for a Nigerian woman, and I ask; how will the future be like for her?

Perhaps if Martin Luther King was not locked up in 1955 and later assassinated in 1968, the black man’s freedom in America could have been suffocated till date.

As opposition leader, President Muhammadu Buhari led a “revolutionary movement” in 2011 and a nationwide protest in 2014. I can’t recall hearing of his arrest by the then government.

Nigerian soldiers are killed by Boko Haram day and night, as are many civilians. Many families cry for their lost every day but for how long?

Is it the kidnappings and the killings going on in my State and the entire country? Is it the Leah Sharibu saga that has been swept under the carpet by the same government?

Children cry “blood!” daily but who’s going to hear their cry? The life of a common man has become a daily struggle and a survival of the fittest, and the government of the day expects us to clap for them?

Where is the hope for the Nigerian woman? How do we cry for our lost day and night?

It beats my imagination to know that even the National Youth Council is openly disassociating itself from an obvious cry for the freedom and right of a common Nigerian.

Be that as it may, with or without the Sowore revolution, Enough is Enough as the legendary Jah Device sang. The future seems gloomy for the ordinary Nigerian and God’s protection is what we seek for our land from the vagabond leadership.

Just as Martin Luther King, I pray freedom for my people and dear nation.

#free Sowore…

Eunice Danja Nyam.

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