Revealed: Plateau COVID-19 patient ‘unaware’ of status; “not your business says Health Commissioner

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Dr. Lar, Plateau State Health Commissioner

Privileged information suggests the “patient” with the index case of COVID-19 in Plateau State might be unaware of her status.

Hauwa Yakubu, 20, who reportedly escaped from Kano during the just relaxed lockdown in the State, tested positive for the virus, officials say.

The State Commissioner of Health, Ninkom Lar said, Friday that the patient was “stable” and was being managed by experts.

Sources however reveal that the lady detained on Friday April 17, 2020 at a local isolation center and referred for testing on Monday April 21, 2020 has yet to be officially informed of her status, or evacuated from the isolation center which houses about 45 others.

A group of medical professionals had last week Saturday complained that the isolation center located in a residential area violates World Health Organization’s standards.

“Hauwa is still there and she even washed her clothes yesterday. She doesn’t even know her status aside what she has seen on the news,” said a source.

The “patient” is considering suing the government for defamation,” the source said.

An official of the isolation center when contacted for confirmation said, “I am out of the camp at the moment but when I get there I will verify and let you know.”

Asked if the patient had been officially notified of her status and/or evacuated for treatment, the State Health Commissioner, Mr. Lar said, “That is not your business.”

“But this is a matter of public health concern,” persisted our reporter.

“That one is not your problem, the confidentiality of the patient is this thing…what is your problem?” the Commissioner insisted.

“We are the clinicians and we are the ones managing the patient. If am managing someone with Malaria will you ask me that one?” Lar quarried, adding, “we will let you know,” before hanging up.

Shortly after the call, reports from the isolation center where the “patient” was, suggested moves to evacuate her.

Investigations into the case are still on and further information will be published.

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