Returnee IDPs killed in Plateau

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Three IDPs killed in Plateau

Four people have been confirmed dead in Plateau State after gunmen on Saturday opened fire at a group of internally displaced persons making their way back home.

Mr. Dachollom Madu, Mr.Solomon Miango and Mr. Dagul Davou Wop were killed near Vwak village, while riding on a motor bike to Daku hamlet in Riyom Local Government Area.

The hamlet of over 200 inhabitants had been sacked in 2018 by attacking herdsmen, it was learnt.

The villagers mostly taking shelter with relations in neighboring villages had started renovating their destroyed houses for full return, sources say.

A house destroyed by suspected herders

Each night, a selected group was reportedly sent to keep vigilance and monitoring security around the hamlet to ascertain its safety for the IDPs’ return.

This had been done for weeks until the last group was ambushed at about 7pm, local time.

The gunmen believed to have fled to Fass hamlet, located 2kms west of Daku shot about 30 AK47 rounds to ensure all three were dead.

A 60year-old woman, said to be related to one of the slain IDPs on Sunday was hit to death by a speeding vehicle while rushing to see the corpses at the hospital.

The three killed were Sunday given mass burial while the woman has been deposited at the mortuary.

Mass burial of slain IDPs

No arrest or official statement has been made on the incident.

The member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Reps, Mr. Simon Mwadkon however confirmed the attack, pleading to call back as he was on transit.

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