Population Growth: Nigerians risking children’s future for political increase – International businessman

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Engr. John G. Mallo

Nigerians giving birth to increase political power might be risking their children’s economic future, an international businessman, Dr. John Mallo has said.

Increasing population without economic opportunities, Mallo says create unhealthy competition.

“In the past, people produced children to increase their voting power, but forgot to increase their capital base, thus creating a community of liabilities, he said, Sunday in Jos the capital of Plateau State.

Not having children one can cater for, Mallo said increases the potential for crime.

The Chairman, Bejafta Group and Village Head of Butura, in Plateau’s Bokkos Local Government Area, at a gathering of Butura Women Association, called for development consciousness against reckless child birth.
“Nigerians seeking to grow must rid all forms of bitterness and unhealthy rivalry, and think strategic development, not population increase,” he stressed.

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