Poorly trained teachers breed corrupt ideas – Gov. Lalong

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Gov. Lalong

The Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong on Friday said poorly grained teachers are a threat to society.

Teachers who lack the right quality of education, specifically pose “serious” danger to the younger generation, said Lalong at the at the 28th – 33rd combined convocation ceremony of the College of Education Gindiri, Central Plateau State.

This group, Lalong said “put the whole society in jeopardy by transferring half-knowledge and corrupted ideas.”

Lalong however believes the College of Education Gindiri has invested much into the training of quality teachers.

“It is one Institution that our Rescue Administration considers very crucial. This is because it is saddled with the huge task of training teachers who are to shape and mould the minds of our children.

“That is why I am excited that we are graduating many trained teachers here today and releasing them into the teaching profession to take over from those are not sufficiently qualified to be in the classroom as Teachers,” Lalong said.

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