Poor abandoned girl living in muddy house in Jos finds amazingly new home

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Sandra (Middle) previously living in muddy house is adopted and moved to a decent home

Born to a retched mother, who is thought to be mentally unstable, Sandra Yusuf, 12, never tasted comfort.

Her father, a peasant village farmer, rarely cares about her. He and her mother, Victoria, had Sandra out of wedlock and have both been living separately.

Victoria, 40, has seven children, all from different fathers. The oldest is 25, but married. Sandra and her siblings live with Victoria in a dilapidated, dirty mud house belonging to a relation in Jos, with no education, and hardly, a day’s meal.

Most of their food and clothing comes from donations. Victoria abandoned them every morning for menial jobs, returning late at night, if ever, sometimes drunk.

A young University graduate, Miss Mary Adamu, for long, supplied food and clothes to the kids, and at least twice a week, organized private classes for them. 
Mary also took care of their medical needs, though unemployed herself.

Sandra’s old home

Mary, last year sent a request for support for the children to a child foundation – Lion’s Pride Children Initiative (LIPCIN).
The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Mrs. Marie Panle, visited the kids last November, and left in tears.

In a report published on the foundation’s website, Marie appealed for public support for the kids, preferably through Mary, their caregiver.

However, months later, no help but pledges came, she said. She and her sister however decided to adopt Sandra and sponsor her in school. Her two siblings – aged 7 and 9 will be enrolled in public school for a start, Marie said.

Marie (second from right) discusses Sandra’s adoption with family

Sandra, her mother, uncle and grand father, happily accepted the offer, before she moved to her new family house in Jos, accompanied by relations and her caregiver, Mary. 

Sandra happily eats on a dining table in her new home

The previously hungry, gloomy girl became lit on arriving the house, where she was instantly provided new clothes and food.

She is expected to visit her family during holidays, but relations are also free to visit her anytime. Her foster mother, a federal civil servant has but adopted children, Sandra being the second. She is expected to bear 90% of Sandra’s welfare.

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