Plateau NYSC members “daily threatened” in Borno

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Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps members from Plateau serving in Borno say they no longer feel safe in the northeastern State.

Both civilian and military locals “threaten” the Corps members on identifying them, Chairman of the Plateau Borno NYSC members forum, Mr. Sambo Dimfa told MK.

Since last week’s execution of a Plateau student in a viral video by Boko Haram, the Corps members have barely been free in their stations, Dimfa said.

Local authorities have assured of the safety of all Corps members in the State but the threats have persisted, said the Official.

“You can’t freely move or identify yourself.

“Once you do, you get threatened,” said the forum’s leader.

The Corps members numbering at least 40 according to him are seeking relocation for their safety.

“We had a meeting yesterday (Friday) and all of us in attendance were seeking redeployment,” he said.

NYSC does not however grant relocation less than three months into service, but the Corps members are appealing to authorities in Plateau State to facilitate the process as an “emergency”.

An appeal message circulated online by the group says:

Following the recent attacks on the Damataru-Maiduguri highway and the gruesome killing of ROPVIL DACIYA by the said Boko Haram in which the video made it clearly that they must revenge on the Plateau indigens what happened to their Fathers and Forefathers .

It is on this note that we the indigenous people of Plateau State undergoing our mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Borno State (Maiduguri) felt unsaved and therefore call on our Leaders to diversify a means we can relocate due to insecurity of the state. Maiduguri is no longer safe for us…


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