Plateau kid battling sickle cell recreate superhero movie arts, others to relief pain

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Josiah Johnson

Josiah Johnson, 14, was born with sickle cell anaemia. Right from birth, Josiah has faced serious pains, occurring almost on daily basis.

His family, though poor, has managed to provide his medical and recreational needs, but “it has never been easy,” said his mother, Esther Johnson, a petty trader in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Josiah spends most of his time alone. “The pains make me feel like I’m different that’s why I choose to be indoors,” he said in an inspiring documentary produced by Eddymark Filmz. His favourite recreation is film watching, he said, and most times, Marvel movies are his favourite.

Josiah Johnson speaks in documentary

Marvel, a Hollywood film franchise is reputed for producing highly fascinating superhero films. Their creative use of graphics and animations has not just given Josiah the peace he needs from his anaemic complications but inspired him to create arts that provide relief each time the crisis starts.

“Anytime the pain comes, I focus attention on making arts, mostly movie arts especially those I see in Marvel movies,” he said. “I create things I can play with in order not to feel bored and fall to the pains,” Josiah added. Whenever he does that, usually with the use of cartons and other household wastes, the pains lose their grip of him.

The pains sometimes persist, depriving him of the expected pleasure but Josiah never gives up. He dreams to have his own technology outlet, an inspiring way to live with such complications.

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