Plateau: Herder found dead near attacked farmer’s corpse in Bokkos

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Central Nigeria: A young herder was Sunday found dead in Daffo village of Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State, in a house where a native farmer was killed, Saturday night.

Mr. Mabur Mallo Gwang, 30, was killed by a gang of four armed men, believed to be robbers, in his residence in Maiduna village at about 8pm.

Late Mr. Musa Audi, a “familiar” herder in Tunduk village of Daffo district, is believed to have been among the gang but it is not yet clear how he died.

“They (assailants) had guns and machetes. It looked like armed robbery but they didn’t ask for anything. They came and just kicked the door open and there were gunshots. After a moment of silence, I heard voices of people calling out the name “Musa” and saying something in Fulfulde, then I heard gunshots again and later running footfalls,” an eyewitness said.

The Chairman of Bokkos Local Government Area, Mr. Yusuf Machen when contacted said “Four armed men went to rob a native of Daffo village and we are still investigating. What we know now is that two people are lying dead as a result of that attack and as a Local Government, we are deeply saddened.”

Inquiries sent to the Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Gabriel Uba Ogaba had yet to be responded to as of the time of publishing this report.

Daffo has been an epicenter of suspected herdsmen attacks since January 2018 when nearly 40 people were killed in January and March and about 7000 people sacked from 11 villages.

Four Policemen were equally killed in different ambushes near Daffo between September and October 2019.

Aside from a young herder arrested with an AK-47 rifle during the March 8, 2018 attacks however, no suspect has been arrested despite the persistence of the crimes. Even the arrested herder has not been convicted since he was paraded by Police on March 11, 2019.

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