Plateau Govt seeks Intel to hunt down killers

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Village Officials calm irate youths hours after attack in Wereng village

Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State says Monday night’s murder of Crowned Prince and five others in Wereng village of Riyom Local Government Area is “worrisome and unacceptable”.

The persistent attacks in the State, the Governor in a press release through his Press Director, Simon Macham must be stoped “immediately”.

Lalong directed securities to do “all that is necessary” to apprehend the killers and halt attacks on “innocent” people.

The Governor who heads the Nigerian Northern Governors Forum appealed for Intel that could aid investigation.

He said “We will not allow these ugly incidences to return where helpless and innocent people are murdered in cold blood for no reason. These killers must be fished out at whatever cost and brought to justice. I urge the people to cooperate with the security agencies by providing useful information that will facilitate the arrest of the attackers”.

“Battle line”

The Governor on Thursday said he had drawn “battle line” with perpetrators of violent crimes in the State, hours before another murder was recorded in Ncha village of Bassa LGA.

A man was shot and killed while another escaped with bullet wounds when Gunmen believed to be herders attacked them on their farm.

A little heartbroken girl tries to wake her slain sister in Wereng village

The attack followed a similar incident in Kpachudu village in same Bassa LGA where three people were killed.

The attackers however faced deadly military artillery during the invasion last Wednesday, recording high casualty, it was gathered.

A similar fate had befallen the killers last two Sundays after they killed three in Ncha village.

Released intel dismissed prior to attacks

Intel had leaked that killers were planning to invade communities but the report published by MK was dismissed as false alarm.

Since the report was published on September 18, 2020 however, over ten attacks have been recorded in the nicknamed “Home of Peace and Tourism”.

The report was about an attack on Thursday, September 17th September, 2020 in Malul Hamlet of Daffo village in Bokkos LGA where a Policeman and a Civilian were killed.

On Monday 21st September while detectives were intorrogating MK Reporters over the report, in Razat, Foron village of Barkin Ladi LGA, a Village Chief was Killed.

The next day, Tuesday 22nd September, in Diram, Butura village where the Plateau State University Bokkos is located, one local was injured in a failed attack that was tracked to herdsmen.

Youths in Wereng protest movement of attack victims’ corpses to mortuary by Police

On Wednesday 23rd September, in Jol village, Riyom LGA, nine miners were injured when they refused to vacate the herders’ self-allotted grazing land.

Same Wednesday, in Sopp village, Riyom LGA, a woman and child were ambushed and severely injured.

On Thursday 25th September, 2020, in K-Vom village, Jos South LGA five locals were killed, with one 1 injured in a late evening attack.

Sunday 28th September, 2020 in Ncha village, Bassa LGA, three were killed in an ambush just as in Jol village, Riyom LGA where four were ambushed but all survived, with only one abducted.

On Monday 28th September, the Kpachudu village, Bassa attack where three were killed was reported. Hours later, on Tuesday 29th September, in Jol village, Riyom LGA, 15 farms were maliciously destroyed overnight. The next day Wednesday 30th September, 2020, in Kpachudu village, Bassa LGA, a community leader was injured in a failed attack that saw the killers suffering casualties following fierce military reaction.

On Friday 2nd October, 2020, in Ncha village, Bassa LGA again, one was killed, with one other injured and on Monday 6th October, 2020, in Wereng village, the six including a Crowned Prince were killed with three others injured.

Government might need to do a little more than press releases to conquer criminals in the State.

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