Plateau denies waiving negotiations on Minimum Wage

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The Plateau State Commissioner for Information, Hon. Dan Manjang says news making rounds that he waived the need for negotiations on the prevailing minimum wage debate is incorrect.

Social and conventional media reports had quoted the Commissioner as saying the State was ready to implement the N30,000.00 minimum wage without negotiations on the consequential adjustments.

The commissioner in a swift reaction on Monday said he was quoted out of context.

In a Press Release, Mr. Manjang denied saying “there was no need for any negotiation with any group of persons before the implementation” as being peddled.

The Commissioner said having reported that a committee had been set to facilitate negotiations, waiving negotiations would amount to “double-speak and serious contradiction.”

“The state government has set up a committee to negotiate with labour about the consequential adjustments as directed by the Federal Government based on the peculiarity, sustainability and capacity of each state,” Manjang maintained.

Government according to him is committed to the welfare of its workers.

As such, workers, he appealed should remain calm.

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