PDP must rid own mistakes to rid APC – Bitrus Kaze

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Bitrus Kaze

Former Nigerian House of Reps member, Bitrus Kaze says the repeated mistakes of former ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are responsible for its misfortunes.

The Party, Kaze said, Wednesday has consistently given an edge to the then opposition All Progressives Congress by its own wrongdoing.

“Our repeated stumbles from the congresses of 2014 are precisely what catapulted and have sustained the APC in Little Rayfield (Plateau State Government House).

“I believe very firmly that the APC emerged and has survived thus far only on our mistakes,” Kaze said in Jos when he picked a nomination form for the Chairmanship seat of the PDP.

Bitrus Kaze after picking State Party Chairmanship form

For the Party to regain control therefore, it must rid itself of past mistakes, he said.

The ex Rep member said, “Eliminate our mistakes and you would have effectively eliminated APC in Plateau State.”

He vowed to provide level-playing ground for all party faithful in the State to exercise their political rights if elected.

He said, “A level playing ground in Plateau PDP has direct bearing on good governance in Plateau State.

“Nothing will neutralize divisions and acrimony on the one hand and promote cohesion and unity of purpose on the other hand like the prevalence of justice, equity and fairness in the Plateau PDP.

“The wellbeing of the PDP has a direct bearing on the wellbeing of Plateau.”

The aim of his contest, Kaze said is to “rejuvenate” PDP in Plateau toward improving the “security and wellbeing” of citizens.

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