Okorocha: We must end Political SARS to progress

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Okorocha serves as Special Guest at NAFEST, Jos, Monday

Nigerian Senator, Rochas Okorocha says the country has succeeded in ending Police brutality through the dissolution of the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) of its Police Force but still has more forces of brutality to end.

Rochas is of the ruling

All Progressives Congress party, representing Imo West in the Nigerian National Assembly, but was daring in calling for an end to “political SARS”, with specific reference to election fraud which the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has been criticized for.

“The Police SARS has ended but we must end the political SARS. The political SARS of not knowing how to be a good winner and how to be a good loser,” said the Senator at the ongoing National Festival of Arts and Culture in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Rochas also called for end to “economic SARS, to create jobs for youths and put food on the table of citizens.”

The Senator suggested the use of culture to generate revenue.

“We must begin to package our cultures for export so that foreigners will patronize,” he said, adding, that cultural tourism could replace oil, Nigeria’s main revenue source.

“Plateau alone through tourism can take care of the entire Nigeria. The Kura Falls, is there for us to see. The weather here is spectacular. The culture is awesome,” said the Senator who was born and raised in the State.
Tourism in Plateau State

Plateau state is fondly called the home of peace and tourism, due to its spectacular rock formations, waterfalls, forest reserves and among others, beautiful valleys.

Among these sceneries are the fine, gentle slopes and valleys in the lower part of the State, the Kerang highlands thought to be a result of vulcanic eruptions over 50 million years ago along with the Shere Hills which make up the peak of the Jos Plateau.

The Jos Plateau itself is thought to be an area of younger granite which was intruded through an area of older granite rock, making up the surrounding states. These “younger” granites are thought to be about 160 million years old. The Riyom rock formations, Kura and Asop Falls are till date used to symbolize the State.

With its temperate weather of between 6°c and 27°c, the State is thought to be most conducive for human and crop habitation. In addition, its soil is rated among the best in West Africa, supporting virtually all types, including exotic fruit trees such as apple, strawberries, and blueberries among others. 

The State plagued by frequent clashes between farmers and herders since 2001, has shown a gradual return to peaceful coexistence, with the establishment of the State’s Peace Building Agency to reconcile conflicting groups and prevent further clashes.

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