Not Nigerian, but HART foundation is feeding entire communities in Plateau State

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Villagers displaced in Nghar village, 2018

Nigerian Officials last two weeks launched the distribution of grains and beverages to five poor families in each polling unit in Plateau State.

According to the country’s electoral laws, there are 1000 voters in each polling unit. 50% of the country’s 200 million population lives in extreme poverty according to the World Bank, but the local officials are supporting only 0.5% of their voting population with about 2kgs of grains to cope with lockdown.

HART foundation, founded by a UK parliamentarian is however picking communities devastated by violent attacks and supporting each family with varieties of staples to feed on until the pandemic subsides.

Last week Saturday, HART sent a truckload of food supplies to Nghar community, in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, where 86 people were killed in June 2018.

Over 900 survivors of the deadly attack which had houses and food crops destroyed, stayed in Internally Displaced Persons camp near the State capital for nearly two years. Government in December 2019 closed all IDP camps in the State but gave the IDPs nothing to start life with.

“HART foundation is godsend,” said a representative of the community, Mr. Irmiya Magit when the foundation took supplies to them.

“We only had support coming to us while we were in camp but since we returned here, not even the government has visited us,” he said.

HART foundation’s representative, Hassan John, told the villagers, that the foundation was networking in prayer for them, literally brightening their faces.

“We do not have much to give, but we carry you all the time in our hearts,” said Hassan.

The foundation is Thursday taking more of such support to Shonong, another community in Riyom LGA, sacked by armed killers in June 2018.

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