Nigeria’s insecurity, ‘counter-reaction’ to poor Policing, Officials say

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Nigerian Officials say they will “mainstream” peace building in local Police affairs, the latest attempt at curbing rising insecurity currently wrecking the African largest economy.

“Mainstreaming peace building in policing and general operations of the Nigerian Police will help in rethinking and rebuilding trust between the Police Institution and the Nigerian public,” Director General, Nigerian Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), Mr. Bakut Bakut said, Tuesday.

Recent upsurge in attacks on villages and among others, police facilities in the country, Mr. Bakut said are a result of poor Policing.

Low “operational accountability” has however created ‘distrust’ between police and civilian populations, said Bakut in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, during a workshop for Police Officials.

“Gross violation of human rights, lack of adherence to rules of engagements, conflict of interest and corruption have at different times sparked protest like the nationwide youth EndSARS protests last year, which climaxed with deleterious consequences on major cities across the country,” the IPCR Official said.

But the Police and civilian communities need each other, Mr. Robert Nkata, the President, Africa Peace Initiative said.

“The Police are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the maintenance of law and order. They must do so within the ambits of the law and respect the fundamental human rights of citizens,” Robert said. But the Nigerian police lack “basic infrastructure” investigate crime, Mr. Tony Ojukwu, the Executive Secretary, Nigerian National Human Rights Commission said. This, Ojukwu believes accounts for Police not being “intelligence-driven” in their duties.

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