Nigeria: Female shoe maker set to stunt the world

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Miss Yvonne Kaze

A female Nigerian shoe manufacturer, Miss Yvonne Kaze is set to prove that locally made products are of good quality as those imported.

Miss Kaze, 32, believes Nigeria has everything to thrive in the increasing competitive commodity market.

A shoe made by Kaze
Made by Kaze
Made by Yvonne Kaze

Good enough, local leather consumers are beginning to realize that “locally made is not poorly made,” Kaze told MK.

She said, “Many Nigerians now prefer our products because they are more advanced, reliable and stylish.

“We have advanced technologically and that is reflecting in our product design.

“Yes, there are still instances of bias for foreign products but I don’t see it as a disadvantage, but a challenge to do better than we currently do.

“Presently, I as a local manufacturer am focused on researching to promote my creations to international standards and reach target market.”

Miss Kaze at work

Miss Kaze is a graduate of Mass Communication from the National Open University of Nigeria.

However, she seems far from taking a paid job even in her field of study.

“I’ve made enough to sponsor myself through school and I’m still doing good. Moreover, this is about passion. For no reason will I accept a paid job,” she said.

But how does it feel being in a male dominated trade? Kaze believes women have equal, if not better potentials than men, unless unexplored.

Miss Kaze

“I don’t believe it’s a man’s world. If a man can make quality female shoes then I can also make it, and even do it better,” said the leather entrepreneur.

Kaze has been in the business for years.

She has trained and empowered many.

She hasn’t any permanent staff at the moment, but has at different times hired and paid temporary labourers.

Her leather company, Yon-Kaze, located in Apata, Jos, Plateau State is currently being incorporated for official unveiling.

Government in Kaze’s words should provide safer environments for business, to enable Nigerians benefit from her wealth of experience.

She said, “They should also partner with us so we can promote our products and our economy.

“There’s quality in locally made products.”

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