Nigeria: Experts seek tech opportunities for girls

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Participants at the "Girl for Girl" Event

Rights Activists on Saturday met in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja to discuss ways to increase the knowledge and application of technology among girls.

TechHer Nigeria and Plan International, both West Africa based nongovernmental organizations advocating women and girls’ rights hosted the dialogue to “bridge the digital divide and transferring technical skills across advocacy, politics/power, business, and personal branding/security.”

“It is a play on traditional and cultural stereotypes, creating spaces for young women (experts) to transfer knowledge to young girls between the ages of 14 -24 (secondary school students, PWD, etc),” officials say.

The dialogue focused on “demystifying” digital knowledge for young girls “across the facets of their lives in which its reduced application is most glaring.”

Global statistics showing tech knowledge and application residing more with men than women as evident in the Global South inspired the dialogue, Official records indicate.

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