Nigeria: Eight ‘robbers’ nabbed in 4 days of government crackdown

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Authorities in Plateau State say they have arrested eight suspected robbers within four days of declaring war against crime.

Bokkos Local Government Council had declared war against armed robbery, kidnapping and rape which had persisted for years.

The arrest of the eight suspects signals success for the LG in its quest to rid its communities of crime, the Council Chairman, Mr. Yusuf Machen said.

“There is no more hiding place for criminals and we are serious this time,” the Chairman said at the celebration of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress party’s election victory on Sunday at Kunet Butura in Bokkos.

Mr. Machen however warned that no one should attempt bailing arrested suspects until investigations are completed.

“If you ever come to secure the release of any suspect I will order your own arrest,” he said.

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