More than a farewell for widowed Pastor’s wife in Jos

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Central Nigerian Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) Rangarasang, Jos, on Sunday held a special fundraising service in aid of a widow – Ruth, whose husband, Pastor Samuel Dakmi died last September.

Ruth was unemployed when her husband died. Her highest educational certificate is a Diploma in Theology, a certificate only useful for pastoral jobs. But most Evangelical Churches do not hire female Pastors.

Ruth stands to receive farewell charge

Ruth’s certificate was only complementary. Evangelical Churches in Africa only ordain married Pastors. Their wives are expected to have knowledge of ministry.

Ruth has five children, aged 10-16, all in school, but is expected to soon vacate properties given to her and her husband.

Rev. Stephen Asugun, Chairman COCIN RCC/PCC Daffo tells Ruth to keep faith alive

A COCIN policy requires a new Pastor to replace a deceased cleric within three months. But COCIN Rangarasang is not sending Ruth off empty.

Over 20 Churches within COCIN Regional Church Council (RCC) Dadin Kowa where Rangarasang is located, were billed for that purpose.

Rev. Mudimka Seri, Chairman, COCIN RCC Dadin Kowa encourages Ruth at farewell service

At the send-off ceremony which doubled as fundraising service, the Churches, including Rangarasang, donated impressive sums, foodstuffs and wears to the widow. The donations shocked the her. “Since my husband’s death, the love has been overwhelming,” she said in a trembling voice.

Rev. Paul Datiri, the leading Pastor of the Church was also full of thanks to the RCC and its component units.

Rev. Paul Datiri, Senior Pastor, COCIN Rangarasang elated by donations to Ruth

Rev. Mudimka Seri, the Chairman of COCIN RCC Dadin Kowa encouraged members to support the widow beyond the ceremony.

Guest Preacher at the event, Rev. Stephen Asugun, told the widow to keep faith in God, who is able to solve her needs beyond human capacity.

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