LGs could abuse autonomy without checks – Ex PDP appointee

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A former Plateau State Finance Commissioner, Hon. Davou Mang says States should closely monitor Local Governments to ensure proper use of Federal Allocations for development.

The Federal Government had set June 1, 2019 for the direct payment of monthly subventions to Local Governments, as against the previous system of paying through States.

The ex PDP appointee, Mr. Mang however believes such moves are prone to abuse without proper supervision.

As such, States should provide laws that will govern the use of the funds, he said in an interview with The Light Bearer in Jos.

The constitution says the State Houses of Assembly will make laws that govern the LGs – their tenure and mode of operations.

“If that can also be done providing monitoring mechanisms for the use of public funds, Mang said.

The implementation according to him must however be done in collaboration with the local governments for inclusion and effectiveness, he said.

“Both the Legislatures and the Executives in States and Local Governments have to bring up a joint way of monitoring because the State also has a contribution to the Local Governments.

“By law, 10% of the IGR from the Local Governments and States is supposed to be allocated to the development of the Local Governments.

“If there is such collaboration, they should both participate in ensuring that these directly paid funds are monitored,” said the ex Commissioner.

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