Letter to Gov. Simon Lalong on planned State lockdown|| By Plateau Assembly Member, Fom Gwottson

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Your Excellency, it is with every sense of responsibility that I write you this letter, at a time that the entire globe is afflicted by the Pandemic of COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus.

Allow me to congratulate you on the action that your Government took to make sure that suspected cases were closely monitored and based on your last submission, there are about eight persons currently under surveillance.

It gives me joy and an uneasy calm that of the over 250 cases in Nigeria, we still do not have any known case in Plateau State.

Two days ago, you directed a statewide lockdown for seven days, ostensibly for the purpose of fumigating the entire State.

While on the surface, this looks like a step in the right direction, I am constrained to ask a few questions which I believe the people of Plateau State will like to get answers to as well:

  1. Plateau people will like to know the specific areas that will be subject to the fumigation. It is necessary to know which parts will be affected directly so as to better prepare citizens therein.
  2. What is going to be the medium of fumigation and what chemicals to be used in the exercise?
  3. Will the rains that are becoming constant, not adversely affect the fumigation?
  4. This need to fumigate must have been informed by a clear and present danger that the Plateau citizens must have been laboring under. We will like to know how eminent the threat was and how the proposed fumigation will address the danger posed to the populace.
  5. How much has been approved for the exercise and who or which body made the approval? Was the Plateau State House of Assembly involved in the approval or did the funds come from another source that citizens should know?
  6. Has the government fully considered what the Coronavirus crisis will cost citizens especially the poorest of the poor amongst us? If so, what palliative measures have been put in place to alleviate their sufferings?
  7. What other measures and plans does the Plateau State government have to assure that if there is a real danger of disease and hunger in Plateau State, we are prepared to deal with it in a very transparent and forthright manner?
  8. Is there a list of those who have benefitted from the twenty thousand naira palliative from the Federal Government? If yes, I will like to know which of my constituents got it, if any.


The pandemic stares us all in the face and we need to be united in purpose and also be our brothers’ keeper at this time. I believe that monies that are used at this time should be judiciously used with due respect to the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.T

Plateau people have great need for food at this time. While we say God forbid it, we must also be realistic and prepared.

Fom Gwottson

We need to have an isolation/treatment center with equipment and medical consumables to cater to any case that might arise.

Accounts of funds used during this pandemic must be rendered to the citizenry periodically. We all need to be on the same page and by the grace of God, we will beat this pandemic.

Mr. Governor Sir, we are happy with your confirmation of not being in any danger yourself after the scare of few weeks back. May God continue to grant you heath and wisdom, especially at this time, to effectively pilot the affairs of the state with wisdom and the fear of God.

I wish to use this medium to ask Plateau people to please adopt the social distancing and hand washing advisory of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Long live Plateau State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

House Member representing Jos South State Constituency

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