Kombun Killings: “Our response can’t be restricted by jurisdictions” – Senator I.D. Gyang, Esq.

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Nigeria’s Deputy Senate Defense Committee Chairman, Istifanus Gyang says his response to the pains of Plateau citizens in the face of trial cannot be restricted by jurisdiction.

The Senator representing Plateau North bad issued a strong worded statement condemning Thursday’s killing of 13 youths in Central Plateau State.

In a brief social media message on Friday, the ex Rep member said

“Our response to the pain and plight of our people can’t be defined nor restricted by partisan jurisdictions.”

Gyang, a legal professional has is known for the defense of the vulnerable groups, an act he has demonstrated long before joining public service.

He is reputed for personally funding community projects in different parts of Plateau, and speaking out against anti-people policies among others.

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