Jos: Unemployed female graduate finds joy teaching abandoned out-of-school kids

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Mary Adamu, 25, holds a PGD in Education

Miss Mary Adamu, a graduate of Physics Education has a post-graduate Diploma from the University of Jos, Plateau State, but has no job. Since graduation four years ago, Mary has survived on micro-businesses and grants from friends and family members but wouldn’t bear the sight of hungry, unattended children in her neighborhood.

Of specific interest to Mary is a set of seven siblings living nextdoor, aged 5-13 who are out of school and mostly without parental care. Five of them are of the same mother but different fathers. The mother, said to be mentally unstable goes out every day to find food for herself leaving the kids with nothing to eat. Their fathers on the other hand are nowhere to be found. They were all born out of wedlock.

Mary is visited by a civil society activist in Jos

Filled with compassion, Mary, 25, cooks and feeds the kids from her meager resources. Supported by her poor mother, Mary clothes the children and at least once a week organizes private lessons for them. “I hate to see innocent children with bright future wasting away,” the young educationist told reporters.

Mary has never been married, neither does she have a child but she believes the kids deserve better. “The parents might be irresponsible but we should not all be like them,” she said. Her passion is to see every child grow to achieve their dreams and get the best out of life. According to her, “we can’t always wait for rewards to help.”

Growing up in a low-income family and low-class Community may have taught her the value of sharing. “All of us in our family (siblings) are educated and it only makes sense to share the little we can with those who don’t have completely,” she said.

Mother of unattended kids is believed to be mentally unstable

She wishes to start an orphanage or foundation to cater for destitute and less privileged children but herself, she is inadequate. Mary is not crazy about wealth making, but value creation. She has volunteered for nongovernmental organizations doing same. Her joy, she says, is to see others live happily and fulfilled.

However, any support, she says, in form of children wears (new or old), food items, educational materials, or even direct scholarship for the children would make remarkable impact. Such support could be channeled to +2347038138777 or MK Reporters ( or

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