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Six members of a family were Monday killed in Central Nigerian Nghakai village, 15kms West of College of Nursing, Vom, in Plateau State’s Riyom Local Government Area.

The attack at about 8pm, local time, was carried out by gun-bearing men, who spoke amateur versions of Berom and Fulani languages, an eyewitness said.
Mrs. Lyop Gideon who survived the attack along with her 1year old baby said the attackers killed her husband, Mr. Gideon Gyang, 30, his two parents, two siblings and a cousin before fleeing through a mountain-bound valley.

The 25yrs old mother of one said she escaped by pretending to be dead, while her baby, Esther Gideon was unhurt in her slain grandmother’s arms.

“I laid flat on the ground as they opened fire, killing everyone.

“My baby yelled from my dead mother in-law’s arms but she was unhurt,” Mrs. Gideon said.

According to her, the family was having dinner together when the armed men attacked.

She said, “My husband was in our room few meters away from my father in-law’s room where seven of us were eating.

“They shot him first, and my terrified mother in-law started screaming.

“As he (husband) was groaning and my mother in-law screaming, they came into the room where we were.

“One of them tried to say something in Berom language but wasn’t so fluent.

“He spoke also in Fulfulde saying ‘Hurut mu hilleh’ after opening fire in the room but I don’t think that language was standard too.”

The attack lasted 5mins with no arrest made, Youth leader of the community, Mr. Dalyop Boi said.

Police operatives were however seen at the scene on Tuesday trying to console members of the affected family.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State Command, DSP Tyopev Terna in a statement has solicited for “credible information to track and arrest the perpetrator(s) to face Justice.”

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