Jos: Cult gangs now recruit 12 year-olds, agency warns

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The Plateau Peace Building Agency has started a community outreach to end violent cult activities in Jos.

The trend has become “worrisome” within the Plateau State capital, with children of ages 12 and 17 being recruited, Mr. Joseph Lengmang, Director General of the Peace Building Agency said, Tuesday.

“People are now forced to retire into their homes as early as 7pm for fear of attacks, or even caught in the middle of cult and Sara-Suka wars,” Lengmang said in a statement.

But the state has toiled to achieve its current peace, he said.

Any act capable of breaching the peace according to Lengmang must therefore be resisted.

Lengmang called for “effective neighborhood watch” while seeking multi-stakeholder collaboration to end the menace.

“The task ahead of us requires a multi-dimensional and sustained collaboration with all stakeholders, including NGOs at the community levels.

“We must send a clear messages that we will not tolerate this reckless disregard for life in our neighborhoods in the one hand, and in the other, demonstrate our collective outrage by working together to address the root causes of the problem,” said the peace agency boss.

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