Jos: Bimma hospital slashes treatment charge for poor accident victim battling 3year-old injuries

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Benjamin Joshua had his leg implant removed 2pm, Sunday

Central Nigeria: Bimma orthopedic hospital, headquartered in Jos, Plateau State has commenced treatment of Mr. Benjamin Joshua, 32, a poor accident victim battling fatal injuries for three years.

Last week, MK published a story of Joshua’s condition needing close to N300,000, a huge amount for Joshua, a low income mason who has been grounded since the accident in November 2017 that nearly claimed his life.

Joshua had multiple fractures in the leg and was first treated in a missionary hospital with metal implants fixed into the affected bone. The injury however persisted, but the first treatment hospital could not readmit him having lost its only orthopedic expert. The wounds increasingly degenerated, exposing deep discharging flesh around the affected area.

Joshua’s skin was deeply eaten by the 3year-old infection

Doctors said he could lose the leg if surgery was not conducted to remove the implant and swiftly control the fast ravaging bone infection, a “tough” condition to treat.

MK’s news report only attracted about 40% of the required amount through cash donations, but Bimma Hospital is not letting finances hinder the treatment.

Bimma Hospital is reputed for quality treatment, most times at low or no charge

“We cannot let him keep suffering until he loses the leg. It’s not always about money,” said an official in a meeting with MK last Thursday.

Joshua was brought to hospital on Saturday morning and treatment immediately commenced with only filing and screening fees paid. By Sunday morning, the hospital scheduled a surgery for Joshua before any advance payment was made. Surgical procedures commenced at about 1pm, lasting 45mins, but all through, Doctors were happy carrying out their tasks.

Doctors carefully but happily removed implant from Joshua’s leg despite being partly charity

With the implant now removed, the hospital’s next task is to control the infection and finally carry out a plastic surgery to cover the flesh exposed by the infection.

Joshua is now happily recovering in the hospital and would be transfered to a private ward for better care. Joshua would still depend on public support to fully recover. The treatment of the infection is the toughest and most expensive stage, and the burden might not immediately be ascertained. Please call us on 08062923239 if you feel moved to support.

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