Imo: Why Acho Ihim Must Be Probed Now || By Ikenna ONUOHA

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Acho Ihim

Nothing is genuine like a clean image, it is the mirror through which gladness, milkiness, simplicity, justice and uniqueness are viewed.

In the words of Adolphus Hitler, “no man is truly free, but an image rotten man is morally imprisoned”. The true description of an individual is the ability to manage finance and power transparently.

In view of the foregoing, one would begin to imagine the concept of the writer that necessitated the story. Those who have followed my write ups in the past would attest that I am not out to disparage or malign anyone, but as a human right advocate and public affairs crusader, I have no other option than to let the cat out of the net as the spirit directs.

If anyone is to be allowed to walk scot free on the street of Imo State in particular and Nigeria at large, it should not be the former Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Acho Ihim…why?

A man whose colleagues accused of embezzling over N460 million tax payer’s money alleged to have been made available for the repair of the state Assembly when he held sway as Speaker should not be seen as a saint, but should be immediately arrested and made to face prosecution without fear or favour.

It is on the record that the same Acho Ihim was alleged to have stolen over N18 million belonging to Okigwe local government area when he served as Chairman of the said LGA. Recall that there was another allegation against him over the mysterious death of students of Busy Brains Academy few years ago among others.

Quite disheartening that out of these weighty allegations against the former bubbling Speaker of the state Assembly, he is still moving freely to the detriment of the helpless Imolites.

Most painfully, Acho Ihim having been ousted by his colleagues as a result of his alleged high handedness and criminally minded tendencies, dumped both his party and Governorship candidate of Action Alliance, Uche Nwosu for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to evade arrest and prosecution.

This actions of Acho Ihim can be said to have authenticated the allegation and motion for his probe by his former colleagues in the 8th House of Assembly. This is indeed disgusting and a slight on the theory of moral justice.

It is quite unbelievable, very embarrassing and repugnant for Acho Ihim to have impoverished the people of the state in connivance with the immediate past administration as a major player and number three citizen of the state then, appears to be celebrated having joined a ruling party.

Where was Acho Ihim when Imo traders were kicked front and back, where was Acho Ihim when markets, shops, Somto, and Ekeonunwa were demolished?

Where was him when all court orders and judgments against the state government under previous administration were ‘impunitively’ and recklessly ignored, where was he when the former Governor threatened to banish or retire Ihedioha, Araraume, Iwuanyanwu, Capt Iheanacho, Madumere and Ohakim among others?

Where was Ihim when Imo pensioners, civil servants and contractors were rusticated and given the worse treatment of their life? Was Acho Ihim dead or alive when the state Assembly under his leadership was relegated and made to remain rubber stamp?

How could Acho Ihim after serving as Speaker and third citizen in the state when all these happened but kept mute, would suddenly become a saint that should be celebrated having joined the ruling party? When was joining the ruling party become an escape route from arrest and prosecution after committing crime? This is indeed an irony of life that must be condemned with the last drop of the blood.

As Imo is still underdeveloped in the map of economically viable states in the country, the likes of Acho Ihim, as a corrupt leader (according to 8th IMHA) are made to suffer for their criminality, the growth of the state would continue to elude her.

Acho Ihim should not be glorified yet until he explains what happened to N460 million belonging to IMHA, N18 million Okigwe LGA and death of Busy Brain students respectively, otherwise he does not have moral ground to make any sense in his utterances.

Meanwhile, in our next article, we shall bring a comprehensive exposition and many sins of Acho Ihim that will quicken his immediate probe.

Ikenna ONUOHA is a Media and Public Relations Consultant. He is the State Publicity Secretary, Imo Concerned Citizens (ICC)._

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