“I watched helplessness as herdsmen butchered my husband” – Wife of slain Plateau Monarch

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Mrs. Chundung Bulus, wife of slain Plateau Chief

Chundung, 52, is the wife of Mr. Bulus Chuwang Janka, a Plateau monarch murdered on Monday, September 21, 2020. Her last moments with him were loving and peaceful until he got a mysterious phone call.

“We were watching TV together at about 7:30pm, when suddenly our electric generator stopped running, and a call came to his mobile phone,” she said.

“Our village has weak mobile signal due to poor network coverage. For clear reception therefore, we often go to the backyard to make calls.

“When he went out to get clear reception, the next thing I heard was him yelling. My son and I rushed out towards him and saw people dressed like herdsmen hacking him with machetes on the ground.

“When they saw us, they started shooting at us, and we had to run for our lives. From my hideout, I could see them brutally chopping the life out of my husband, my friend, my confidant, my love and sole source of support, but I was helpless, because I had nothing to fight them back. But I really felt butchered in my heart, and up to this moment I still see their machetes dropping on him, while he yells helplessly on the ground,” said the mother of five.

She and her children depended on the slain Chief of Foron District in Plateau State’s Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, for welfare, comfort and social protection somehow. “I don’t know how life will be from now on, for me and my children. Life will never be the same again for us,” said Chundung.

But Chief Bulus was not just a dedicated father and husband, but a known defender of humanity, always speaking for truth and justice. He has been physically threatened several times both by herdsmen and security agents because of his stance for truth. His death therefore makes both his family and Foron District vulnerable.

Late Bulus Chuwang Janka

“Innocent people cannot be killed without anybody being apprehended and put to trial,” said the Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong in a press statement concerning the murder of the Monarch. “If we do not do so,” according to the Governor, “more criminals will be bold to attack and kill our citizens,” he said in the statement issued by his Press Director, Macham Makut.

However, several arrests have been made after attacks but suspects are often released before trial. “We are getting tired of being subjected to violence and denied justice,” said Chairman, Berom Educational and Cultural Organization, Foron branch, Mr. Dagallang Dabot.

Several attacks attributed to herdsmen have been reported in Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos and Bassa LGAs in recent years. “Pushed to the wall, communities might be forced to seek self-help,” warned Dabot.

“The era of lip service by the authorities’ concerned is over as the current period; is a call for action with a view to nip in the bud, the frequency at which killings and maiming of innocent citizens; including the destruction of farm crops and other economic mainstay of the people are concerned,” adds a local elites group, Plateau Our Heritage.

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