How late dad made lead IT expert for Plateau State

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Mr. David Daser, DG PICTDA

Mr. David “Oluwa” Daser, a leading Nigerian software engineer currently runs the only Information Communication Technology Agency in Plateau State. It is believed to be the model from which the National Information Communication Technology Development Agency was developed.

Daser was appointed into office in December 2018 and has introduced various IT-related reforms into governance. Aside from creating jobs and problem solving options using ICT, Plateau through the ingenuity of Mr. Daser was one of the first to adopt IT solutions in managing covid-19.

Late Sunday Daser

He was however introverted, until his dad, Mr. Sunday Daser challenged him to “go out of that nonsense” to be able to create network. “He literally taught me how to connect with people in Port Harcourt in the year 2001. He told me my education was nothing without a useful network,” said David in a social media tribute to his father who passed on August 24, 2020.

Soon after his University training, the late Police officer recommended David to the Police Force as one of the best software engineers he knew. He didn’t do so because David was his son, but because he could see David utilizing his academic education to change life around. There could have been better engineers but Sunday probably only knew his son, and needed the system that sustained him to benefit from his skills. After thorough screening, David was hired and that marked the beginning of his exploits in the IT industry.

“I made my first millions through the contract in 2010 and ended up automating the entire nominal roll and vehicle returns management system of the “B” division of the entire Police in Nigeria,” David wrote.

David has delivered lectures at several international IT functions and is widely respected

David’s father didn’t just give him education, but made him his first millions, a sum he probably never made himself till he died. He gave the now revered young, articulate and highly outspoken professional in the IT world the best support morally and otherwise to succeed.

It took years before the Nigeria Police Force found out the technician they held in high esteem was the son of one of the lowest personnel in their ranks. But by then, his impact and influence had grown way beyond sentiments.

“They were impressed by the professionalism and few years later he retired leaving me with amazing contacts,” said David.

When David was appointed into government, many wondered who his father was. In Nigeria, one has to be the son, friend, relation, associate or have some sort of links with someone in government. However, David’s skills and the enlightenment his father gave him were all that got him where he is. He is today shining star, but perhaps, Late Mr. Sunday Daser is the sky upon which he sits to cast his light on the earth surface.

Late Sunday Daser was loved by his children, grand children and all those who had a chance to experience him

Sunday Daser is gone, but his impact lives. “You won’t know him, but I am Him,” David concludes, and truly, he represents the good heart, the strives and the passions of his father for excellence amongst his offsprings and the world they live.

Rest in Peace “Area Commander” as Mr. Sunday was fondly called.

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