Homeland Security: Nigerian Berom natives meet in America.

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Natives of Nigerian Berom tribe based in the United States of America will this July meet in the first-ever “Berom Community North America (BCNA)” convention to find support for their fellows back in Africa.

The convention holding July 26-27, 2019 at County Inn and Suites, Pollard Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia specifically aims to raise funding and awareness for BCNA, to promote the welfare and security of its tribesmen particularly in Africa.

BCNA was established by Mr. Nash Pwol, a Nigerian-American theological scholar, with its first official acting President being, Mr. Benjamin Datiri, also a scholar and cleric.

It is currently led by Mrs. Felicia Sodipe and is committed to advancing the cultural heritage of its tribe with special interest on its youths in the diaspora and in the homeland.

The association registered with the United States Government specifically aims to mobilize support for its Nigerian counterparts in Plateau State facing security challenges.

It also sets to promote educational advancement, particularly in Information Communication Technology among its youths in diaspora and at home.

The maiden convention of the association is expected to hold biannually.

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