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By Kichime Gotau

The president of Haiti was assassinated on 6th July 20211.

And by the next five days, the senate appointed an acting President, but he cannot assume office because there is no Chief Justice to swear him into office. The former Chief Justice died last month of COVID 19.

Before his assassination, the former president was to appoint a Chief Justice to swear in the newly appointed Prime Minister to take over from the acting Prime Minister.

Now the country has two Prime Ministers; one acting, the other appointed but not sworn, because the Chief Justice of Haiti had died and no Chief Justice can be appointed because there is no president to do the job.

HAITI is one of the countries on the Caribbean Island where the only functional organ of government is the senate arm of the legislature because parliamentary elections were postponed.

What a political quagmire!

Kichime Goyang Gotau (FCILG USA)

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