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Gov. Fintiri

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s Achievements, Impacts On The Citizens Of Adamawa – The Breath Of Life Governor by The Lens View

We are proud to celebrate “Our Breath of life being a man of his words in just seven months in the office! While few people may disagree with Governor Fintiri on some issues as result of their interest (it is natural in the dynamic human society) but one thing remains undeniable, that Adamawa State, under the leadership of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is for the first time, on a realistic journey to sustainable development. This is an indisputable fact.

The Adamawa we have today re-designed by Governor Fintiri is not the same we had four years ago during the Bindow government. The change we witness today has been as a result of the world class transformation of the macroeconomic structure of the state to a state where every modicum of corruption has been completely sealed-up!

A periscope of Governor Fintiri’s achievements reveal marvels of development which overwhelm the science of development economics. What make these new strides further unbelievable is when considering that this governor inherited a whooping N115billion Naira fictitious and filthy loans from the Bindow “Digital” administration which stank to the high heavens. The inherited loans attached to services for instance totaled about N1billion Naira monthly.

In a quest to eradicate this imbalance, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, governor popularly known as both the “Fresh Air” and “ATM”, devised many macroeconomic strategies for cutting costs thereby avoiding the over N3.2billion bank monthly overdrafts for salaries.

It is also on record that “Our Breath of Life Governor” was the first among first term governors to successfully conduct local government elections and eradicate the culture of unpaid salary arrears of local government workers, workers and teachers of primary schools and the primary healthcare sector whose payments are now made possible without any defaults monthly.

Today, the Adamawa under the leadership of this man has been prompt in paying the N32,000 Naira promised minimum wage, connected Toungo local government area with electricity and awarded numerous road development contracts in the state.

Over 2000 teachers have been employed in the state in addition to similar human resources strength additions in the health sector. One critical development-centric sector, “The Skills Acquisition Scheme” has been reintroduced after this critical developmental program was left unattended by the former administration. Today, over 500,000 children (considered out-of-school children) are today back to schools across the state with the streets of Adamawa now cleared of the embarrassing menance of what used to be the “Almajiri Scene” which became the incubation bed of religious fundamentalists and agents of violence in the state.

The Shilla gang notable for their terror in the state has been smashed with their Gerio enclave completely destroyed. Free education with the free school feeding system has been reintroduced. This breath of life Governor has also put in place regulations and the means for enforcing the punishment of any teachers who extorted money from students. As a further boost to educational development in the state, fees for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO) exams for all students across the state and the subsequent award of scholarships for those in tertiary institutions have been made possible by this action man with a plan! All in just seven months!!!

Today, free education law has been enacted thanks to the governor. Supply of portable water in Yola south from the water treatment plant in Yola north is now possible. Mechanized agriculture is now an institutionalized policy in Adamawa state with various state of the art facilities to show for this. The operational structure of the Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Yola is also now restructured with state-of-the-art digital facilities.

With the introduction of a firm macroeconomic plan, all loopholes of corruption sealed-up and saboteurs of various sorts dismantled, Adamawa has now become a state on the verge of sustainable development. If all these can be done by one man in just seven months, one does not need the technical proficiency of a rocket scientist to project where this governor is taking Adamawa state to in the near future. Governor Fintiri has set Adamawa state to become one of the best states to watch in not only Nigeria but in Africa.

A good leader is God Sent and the good people of Adamawa State believe that indeed God has chosen Governor Fintiri to lead them to the glorious state of their dreams. Without doubt, he will overcome the challenges of the few anti-development elements, still lurking around and firing their now very few cylinders to dissuade him. But from what we know about this man Fintiri, he is unshakable!

The support this star governor enjoys in Adamawa State emanates from the conviction of the people who have witnessed the terrific transformations this man has made for them in Adamawa state in just too short a time, a testimony of what the people see on the ground and which continue to move them to stand solidly by him.

Our prayers are that God by His Grace will remark this year in history as a Turning Point Year in Adamawa state, a state and a year which would herald the enlisting into the annals of history, the turning point reality of economic growth, employment, infrastructural development, better education , healthcare, etc. The seven months developmental antecedence of Governor Adamawa in Adamawa state attest to the fact that indeed, it is feasible.

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