Gov. Lalong: Why my credentials carry different names

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Gov. Simon Lalong

Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State says his Primary school certificate carries the controversial surename “Sule” because his Uncle, Mr. Stephen Sule (late) enrolled him.

The Uncle, Lalong said, weekend had temporarily adopted him on his father’s request.

The Government said, “When my uncle asked my father to release me to him, my father told him “he has become your son, take him with you.”

“Because of the kind of tradition of love and oneness that exists in our culture, all of us under him bore his name Sule because he registered us in school.”

Lalong said he applied to change the name after Primary school as directed by the Uncle, but wondered why his political opponents still challenge him in court over it.

The Southern Plateau Goemai native at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Shendam during the memorial service of the late Uncle asked citizens of the state to shun sentiments and build the State.

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