Five COCIN missionaries killed, eight kidnapped in Niger State

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COCIN Officials and missionaries on Tuesday in Jos

The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) says five of its missionaries have been killed with eight others kidnapped since it started missionary activities in Shiroro, Niger State 20 years ago.

The latest is the kidnap of three missionaries on May 15, 2020 with a ransom of N5m each paid for their release, Coordinator, COCIN Community Missions (CCM), Rev. Victor Kawai said, Tuesday.

This added to the Covid-19 pandemic is causing “so much setbacks to Missions,” Rev. Kawai said at the CCM’s 22nd Annual Supervisors’ Empowerment Workshop in Vom, the Church’s mission headquarters.

In spite of the challenge however, the Cleric said the Church is not giving up on its drive to bring unbelievers into the knowledge of Christ, hence the four-day workshop which aims to “identify challenges and strategies for effective missions”.

Missionaries however have to be sacrificial and enduring in their chosen fields to be effective, Rev. Ripji Merkuk, the Director, Evangelism and Missions said.

Similarly, the Director, COCIN Department of Church Growth, Rev. Paul Mankam said missions to thrive, missionaries must be detribalized, faithful and committed.

The workshop ending on Friday will feature lectures, progress report presentations and among others, discussions with participants drawn from all COCIN mission zones.

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