Facebook threatens to ban journalist for reporting on a potential covid-19 cure found in Plateau

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Facebook on Monday threatened to ban a Plateau Journalist, Masara Kim for reporting a discovery by local researchers of a potential cure for covid-19.

Kim on Sunday published an internet link to a news report he wrote on the new trial remedy developed by a team of researchers from Plateau State and the post was flagged for “violating community standards”.

On Monday, Kim, the Publisher of MK Reporters online wrote a public complaint against the social site, stating part of the published report and was given a warning that he would be restricted if he published anything “false” about a Covid-19 cure again.

Kim’s Public complaint after an earlier post was flagged attracted a threat for restriction

According to the warning, “Facebook does not allow claims a treatment or cure has been found for covid-19 before one has been confirmed by leading health organizations.” It specifically refers to World Health Organization as correcting common, “untrue rumours” about covid-19.

Madagascar, an African country recently announced a new herbal solution locally developed to cure covid-19 but was opposed by the World Health Organization.

Rumours had it that the country was pulling out of the world health body but Officials say that was not true. The WHO has however yet to certify the Madagascar remedy.

President Donald Trump of USA who announced that chloroquine was capable of curing the disease was also opposed and widely criticized.

Nigeria had similar challenges in 2014 when it announced successes in the treatment of Ebola virus disease using a trial remedy developed by a Nigerian scientist in the US.

The WHO administrates over all health related developments worldwide, but its operations have been alleged to be biased in favour of a few Western interests.

But whether or not the restriction of Kim’s publications on the local cure for covid-19 was connected to any interest within or around the WHO, only time will tell.

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