Dr. Mailafiya: “Even Muslim youths believe I’m their voice”

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Ex CBN boss invited for third time by DSS over comments on terrorism

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Obadiah Mailafiya on Monday said he will continue to speak for truth and justice.

Many innocent citizens have died for lack of a voice, said Mailafiya after his third interview by the Department of State Securities (DSS) in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

“I speak for many innocent citizens. Many of them have died – women, children. I have become the voice of the martyrs, to speak for the widows, orphans they left behind…this nonsense must stop…this nonsense must stop,” said the renowned columnist and analyst.

According to Mailafiya, both Muslims and Christians have shown solidarity with him, because he represents their voice.

In his words, “I have gotten calls from different places in Nigeria. Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi has called to say he is praying for me just as many others. Muslim Youths believe I am their voice, Christian youths believe I am their voice.”

Mr. Mailafiya was invited for the third time for questioning over comments he made on a Lagos based radio station, alleging that a Northern Nigerian Governor was funding terrorism.

“Many people have made comments about the security situation in this country but why him?” Queried Mailafiya’s lawyer, Yakubu Bawa.

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