Daily Trust Reporter dies leaving behind strong caution about life

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Late Bashir Liman

A Central Nigerian Journalist, Mr. Bashir Liman has died in a ghastly motor accident.

The crash occurred along Ningi road while he was traveling to Jama’are in Bauchi State, Daily Trust reports.

Shortly before the crash, Bashir made a voice broadcast on social media where he preached kindness as key to paradise.

In the record, the 34year old Daily Trust reporter said nothing good deeds last forever.

The transcribed record says, “Hello everyone, my name is Bashir Liman. I’m here to give you free advice. In this world, nothing lasts forever. Power, money, property, beauty will all go. Only your deeds last forever. If you do good, you will account for it, so also if you do bad. Good deeds will take you to paradise, heaven, while bad ones to hellfire. Build your today’s world with good deeds so that your tomorrow’s hereafter will be full of joy of joy, happiness and roses.”

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