Criminals arrested and released always attack us for exposing them – Plateau Village Chief

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Amos Jallang, Village Head of Mandar, Bokkos

A Village Chief in Central Nigeria, Mr. Amos Jallang says violent criminals living in communities always attack those who leak information about them.

Police and other law enforcements, Mr. Jallang said have several times revealed sources of information concerning criminals, and released the suspects without proper investigation.

“This culture of impunity is what is killing our country, and we the Community leaders are helpless because we are not safe ourselves,” said Mr. Jallang, the Traditional Head of Mandar village in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Over ten monarchs including a first class Chief have been killed by suspected herdsmen in Plateau State in less than five years.

Mr. Jallang believes Government has capacity to end violent crimes but lacks willpower.

“Imagine government negotiating with terrorists; hardened terrorists and criminals. But those that steal foul, corn, rice and other minor things are the ones convicted.

“They (Government Officials) who embezzle billions of naira are not prosecuted, but the people with the minutest offences are the ones jam-packed in prison cells,” he said.

The Village Chief is also pained that Government complains of inadequate manpower in its security forces while many graduates seeking recruitment have yet to be considered.

He advised Government to seek advise beyond its appointed advisors to address insecurity and attract foreign investment that could reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

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