Breaking News: 25year-old Plateau indigene in US develops promising Covid-19 vaccine

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Tikar Dongo

A Nigerian Student of St. Vincent School of Medicine, in the Caribbean State of North America, Miss Tikar Dongo has developed a formula for a hopeful effective vaccine against covid-19.

Tikar, 25, is using trypanosome surface glycoprotein, a rare formula, to stimulate immune resistance against the virus.

Working with a military lab scientist, Sub. Lt. E.O. Gbeleyi and few others in Nigeria, Tikar is experimenting with a group of four mice with different with different controls.

Likely the first in Africa, the formula hopes to end overdependence on foreign solutions to contagious diseases.

“I have been working on this formula since January and had to ensure I did it here in Nigeria to give Africa full credit and ownership of it when it succeeds,” said Tikar.

Her major challenge for the full actualization of the project is however finances.

Having carried out experiments on previous formulas using personal finances, the 25-year-old is short of funds to test the now perfected formula.

She is currently taking local jobs to raise funds for the project but might need support from Government and other relevant authorities.

“The sooner we learn to deal with this problem on our own, the better for us because the virus keeps evolving and might soon resurface in a more deadly form,” Tikar fears.

A similar move by a research team in Plateau State has yet to be confirmed successful.

Tikar’s formula might be a major breakthrough for the State if adopted given previous experiment results.

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